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Metiria Turei

Metiria Turei

Party: Green
Electorate: Dunedin North

Voting History

26% Family First Rating

Candidate Survey

  • Oppose polygamy / group marriageUndecided

    I have not given this issue any consideration.

  • Encourage marriageOppose
  • Role and support of parentsOppose

    While in most cases, parents are the primary caregivers for their children, this is not always the case. Many children are raised and nurtured by grandparents or other relatives. Others are raised by non-relatives who commit themselves to these children. The Green Party supports the full variety of loving environments that New Zealand children grow up in.

  • CYF Complaints AuthoritySupport

    The Green Party’s policy is to establish an effective review and appeal process for people who have complaints regarding CYFS. This could well take the form of an Independent Complaints Authority.

  • Parental choice for educationOppose

    The public education system should and does provide a variety of choices for families and children. We support a high quality public education system that is flexible and responsive. However, voucher systems as used elsewhere and proposed in New Zealand, only benefit those with wealth, not ordinary New Zealand families. We do support flexibility of child care arrangements which is why we introduced Flexible Working Hours legislation in the last term of Parliament.

  • Income SplittingOppose
  • Unborn child right to lifeOppose

    The current Green caucus supports the right of every woman to make fertility decisions in the best interests of herself and her family. These decisions are very difficult and no-one else is entitled to make them for her.

  • Informed Consent for AbortionOppose

    It may well be time to review abortion laws and services, since they haven’t changed since 1977, but this would require a full review, and the current Green caucus favours measures that improve (rather than restrict) access to fertility information and support including abortion services.

  • Parental notificationOppose

    There is evidence that some young women choose to have an abortion because they have been raped by their father or other family member. Women should not have to seek the consent of their abuser, nor from the relatives or friends of their abuser. For this reason, we do not support this change. We also note that research on this matter shows that most young women who have an abortion do advise their parents or another adult, so we do not think any further intervention is required.

  • Abstinence-based sex educationOppose

    There is significant evidence to suggest that abstinence programmes do not work. We do not support policy that lacks an evidential base, particularly where the health and wellbeing of young people is at stake.

  • SurrogacyUndecided

    The Green Party does not have policy on surrogacy.

  • Embryonic stem cell researchUndecided

    The Green Party does not have policy on this matter.

  • Same sex couple adoptionSupport

    We support equal criteria for all couples in their assessment for suitability and eligibility for parenting.

  • Decriminalise euthanasiaUndecided

    The Green Party does not have policy on euthanasia.

  • Criminalise buyer of prostitutionOppose

    The Green Party is comfortable with the operation of the current law relating to prostitution.

  • Improve broadcasting standardsSupport

    The Green Party would prohibit commercial advertisements during pre-school and school age children's television. We have previously secured a budget initiative for a Report on TV Violence which showed disturbingly high levels of violence on television, but no action was taken by broadcasters or Government in response.

  • Prevent sexualisation of children in mediaSupport

    The Green Party would prohibit commercial advertisements during pre-school and school age children's television. We have previously secured a budget initiative for a Report on TV Violence which showed disturbingly high levels of violence on television, but no action was taken by broadcasters or Government in response.

  • Public IndecencyOppose
  • Billboard advertisingUndecided

    The Green Party has no specific policy on this point.

  • Raising drinking ageOppose

    Some members of the Green Party caucus support keeping the alcohol purchasing age at 18 for both off and on-licence premises, while others support a split purchase age of 18 for on-licence and 20 for off-licence premises.

  • Alcohol law reform (5+ Solution)Partial Support

    I support 4, but not raising the age.

  • Liberalise Easter trading lawsOppose

    The Green Party opposes any further liberalisation of retail trading hours. We would make Easter Sunday a statutory holiday to ensure workers who are required to work on that day are appropriately compensated.

  • Reduced gamblingSupport
  • Welfare Vouchers for At-RiskOppose

    The Green Party has a plan to bring 100,000 children out of poverty by 2014. This can be achieved by providing better support to parents on benefits rather than punishing them or restricting their income.

* Some of the party leaders refused to complete the questionnaires. However, where possible, we have analysed their voting record and public statements made on these issues, including comments at the recent Family First Forum on the Family.


NOTE: The information presented on this website is based on the actual voting record on a number of family related issues of current politicians seeking re-election. and responses to a questionnaire on a number of family related issues sent to candidates in all electorates. It is not intended to endorse any particular candidate or party, and voters are encouraged to make informed decisions on the candidates’ and parties’ policies across many issues. This website offers a limited but nevertheless important perspective to each candidate and party in matters important to families.

Every attempt has been made to accurately represent the voting record of MP’s and responses to our questionnaire. We welcome any documented corrections.

We’ve tried to contact every candidate in every electorate. If you are a candidate that we have missed, please email us admin@familyfirst.org.nz and we’ll happily send through the questionnaire

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