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Democrats for Social Credit
Tracy Livingston

Tracy Livingston

Party: Democrats for Social Credit
Electorate: Bay of Plenty

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  • Marriage 1 Man/WomanOppose

    I believe love can exist between any two people, and religious dogma shouldn't dictate who's allowed the privilege and human right of marriage.

  • Oppose polygamy / group marriageSupport

    I am pretty non-judgmental but even I don't think NZ is ready for that yet!

  • Encourage marriageSupport

    Democrats for Social Credit advocates a guaranteed basic income for every resident regardless of age. This income will strengthen the ability of families to raise children in health and safety, with parents who each equally can contribute to the family. This basic income will allow mothers (or fathers) to stay at home and raise their children and not have to send them off to child care. I support a concept of marriage that recognises the rights of everyone, of any sexual preference, to marry.

  • Role and support of parentsSupport

    And parents should be supported in raising their children with a universal basic income for every member of the family, children getting a proportion of an adult income, managed by parents or caregivers. Children should learn parenting skills and emotional well-being starting a high school as well as principles of good nutrition. And certainly NOT the perverse sex education that is currently delivered at high schools.

  • CYF Complaints AuthoritySupport

    I would add that Democrats for social Credit would ensure that CYF is fully resourced and funded, with enough properly trained staff so that gaps in services don't occur. We consider that with a basic income relieving the stress in families, domestic violence and other symptoms of poverty will be reduced and the work of CYF will be less onerous.

  • Parental choice for educationSupport

    If ECE centres receive approx $200/week for 20 'free' ECE hours why can't (some of) that money be given to a mother to stay at home and look after her own children? Any funding for alternative education should ensure that standards are maintained so that children are not missing aspects of a modern education. Alternative education must be of the same or higher standard than public schools.

  • Income SplittingSupport

    Anything to make it easier to raise children in a healthy, stress-free environment. Democrats for Social Credit want families to be able to afford their children.

  • Decriminalisation of AbortionSupport

    no child should have to be born unwanted. Having said that, it would be good to be able to support a woman to have her 'unwanted' child without judgement and have all the right structures in place that would allow that child to find a loving home with someone who truly wants and can look after them. Having a child can completely change your perspective and there is no going back...

  • Unborn child right to lifeSupport

    a fetus is not a child - however, as judgement on unwanted pregnancies changes, perhaps there will be a more open, loving arrangement whereby pregnant women can feel supported to go through their pregnancy knowing that their baby will be cared for by someone who loves and wants it.

  • Informed Consent for AbortionOppose

    A woman can be offered these things; informed consent is a good thing. But to be forced to go through all that when her pregnancy may be traumatic already is just cruel. ultra-sounds have their own dangers and women do not get given enough information to make a proper informed consent.

  • Parental notificationSupport

    A 'child' is under their parents guardianship until 18 yoa therefore parents should be able to support their daughter through a difficult time. Grandparents have the right to know so they can be good grandparents. If a parent is likely to be physically or emotional abusive, then the well-being of the under 18yo needs to be taken into account over and above the parent.

  • Abstinence-based sex educationOppose

    It has been shown, that teaching abstinence creates the opposite of what is intended. The teen pregnancy statistics in the US are by far the highest amongst the abstinence crowd. Furthermore, teens do not listen to parents when they want to know about sex, they learn from their peer group. However, the current sex education presented at high school leaves much to be desired and needs a complete overhaul.

  • SurrogacySupport

    Didn't know it was illegal. If all participants are adult and willing, well informed, provided with legal advice and know their contractual obligations, It should not be illegal. The contraceptive pill and altered hormonal balance in our current polluted environment means many women are unable to conceive - surrogacy will become more and more common until we stop polluting our environment and poisoning our bodies. the current medical system is partly creating the problem and now has to be part of the solution, until it has a wake up call. personally i prefer to have my own babies but not everyone can do it, and its unfair to prevent families from having kids if there is a chance they can.

  • Embryonic stem cell researchOppose

    there are other ways of doing research - using embryos is just sick....

  • Same sex couple adoptionSupport

    There is no reason why same-sex couples can't be as good at parenting as two-sex ones, therefore no reason to restrict their human rights to adopt. Two-sex parents don't have such a great track record of success that they have the right to bar other arrangements. However, any (M-F, M-M, F-F) adopting parents have to be thoroughly vetted to prevent any possibility of adoption into pedophilia and abuse situations (unfortunately more prevalent that we imagine)

  • Decriminalise euthanasiaSupport

    We have to face the fact that technology has changed the way we deal with death. Keeping a body alive with machines is expensive and pointless. People will commit suicide if they want to, and if they genuinely need help to escape a world of pain, then they should have it. However, any law dealing with this issue will need to be carefully drafted, so that people can't get rid of their wealthy elders before they are ready to go. people need to write down what they would like happen to them if they become completely incapacitated, before they become completely incapacitated, so their children are aware of their desires in this matter.

  • Full resourcing of palliative careSupport

    We support a complete funding of healthcare from pregnancy and birth to hospice care and everything in between. Democrats for Social Credit regard healthcare as a human right and an investment in the future.

  • Decriminalise marijuanaSupport

    I personally say take it out of the hands of criminals and start using it for the good it can do - provide another source of revenue, as a relief of the side effects of chemotherapy and other drastic drug treatments, and use HEMP for its wonderful fibre, a healthful oil, and many other uses. We should stop believing the propaganda made up in the 1930's and start being sensible about such a useful plant. We'll never properly regulate the use of the drug potential while it remains illegal. I have concerns about the marijuana as a drug but many people rely on pharmaceuticals and alcohol to get through their day which are equally dangerous and completely legal.

  • Ban on residential brothelsSupport

    residential areas are not places of business, they are residential and children should be free to go about their business without being confronted with the worst parts of the adult world. Sex between consenting adults for money is one thing and none of our business but how that is carried out has to be good for the whole community - not just the people carrying out the business, the same way a factory has to control its toxic wastes

  • Ban on street prostitutionSupport

    Street prostitution is very dangerous for the sex workers, and to keep them safe is a concern. However, I don't think they should be arrested or banned. It's important to realise that people regularly pick each other up in bars with the intention of having sex. Sex workers just charge for the service, which isn't illegal. Unless there is a public nuisance - loud music, drunkenness, traffic, public sex, etc then there is nothing wrong with arrangements between consenting adults behind closed doors. None of your business or mine.

  • Criminalise buyer of prostitutionOppose

    No-one should be criminalised, but anyone forced into prostitution should be offered help to change jobs. I wouldn't support any hounding or badgering, though. Women who choose to be sex workers should left alone to get on with their jobs.

  • Improve broadcasting standardsSupport

    the level of implied and actually violence and offensive material on TV is shocking to both adults and children and should be limited particularly in family viewing hours.

  • Public IndecencyOppose

    It depends on who thinks it's offensive. Boobs on Bikes is a big piece of advertising, they're all adults and we all have bodies. Covering them is just a cultural and religious construct. (Except when it's cold!) Nude swimming and sunbathing on the beach is an individual choice and is fine. People who don't like it can stop looking.

  • Billboard advertisingOppose

    Including All Blacks in underwear ads? That would be a shame. I don't like billboards that objectify women, or use sex to sell products, but some of them can be G-rated, so I don't know that a G-rating would be any use.

  • Raising drinking ageOppose

    Not unless all other legal measures of adulthood are raised too: voting, signing contracts, etc. personally I think that ones brain needs to develop fully before you start drinking (around 21) but I can't see it working legally.....

  • Alcohol law reform (5+ Solution)Support

    See previous comment on age. I totally support the restriction on outlets and the banning of alcohol advertising, and the other measures too.

  • Decriminalise smackingOppose

    No such thing as non-abusive smacking. Smacking just teaches children that big people get to hit little people, and perpetuates lazy parenting and family violence. There are more loving and more effective ways to 'correct' children. Setting a good example, for instance.

  • Regulation of loan sharksSupport

    Democrats for Social Credit would include the entire commercial banking industry, which creates money out of thin air and charges us for the use of it. We support a universal basic income, as of right for every resident of any age. That way, loan sharks will go out of business and big banks will lose their stranglehold on our money supply..

  • Reduced gamblingSupport

    and casinos

  • Welfare Vouchers for At-RiskSupport

    I support a universal basic income, as of right for every resident of any age and I support counseling and parenting classes.

  • Paid parental leave (6 months)Support

    with a similar benefit for unemployed people - and a basic universal income so a parent can afford to stay at home and raise their children instead of sub-contracting to professionals - no matter how good and well-meaning they might be

  • Three strikes legislationOppose

    I support real programs in prisons that counsel and treat people for anger issues, drug addictions and any other problems they might have that got them into trouble in the first place. I support training programs so prisoners have skills when they get out. I don't support private prisons, and I don't support prison at all except for the irredeemably violent. I'd like to see a wider use of restorative justice programs, and more support for victims. We would lose too many people into a prison system that ultimately damages the community.


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