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Alex Speirs

Alex Speirs

Party: ACT
Electorate: Hutt South

Voting History

N/A Family First Rating

Candidate Survey

27% Family First Rating

  • Definition of marriageOppose

    I don't believe it is the state's role to make this definition. However in saying that I fully support a Pastor's right to refuse to marry a same-sex couple if he does not deem it appropriate.

  • Encourage marriageUndecided

    Whilst I do believe that marriage provides the best environment for children, I would judge each policy on its merits.

  • Parental choice for educationSupport

    This is one of ACT's cornerstone policies.

  • Income SplittingOppose

    I would prefer a flatter, fairer tax system, which would essentially provide the exact same thing.

  • Unborn child right to lifeUndecided

    Like Don Brash, this is a deeply troubling issue for me. I am certainly against 3rd trimester abortions, with the endangerment of the mother's life being the only exception.

  • Informed Consent for AbortionOppose

    Whilst I believe in people making informed decisions, the government should not be using coercive powers to achieve this.

  • Parental notificationUndecided

    I would support this policy if the child was below the age of consent (i.e. 15 or under).

  • Abstinence-based sex educationOppose

    I do not believe this would be effective in modern day society, though abstinence should be presented as one of the many paths. Obviously, parents should be playing an important role, but in cooperation with schools, not instead of.

  • SurrogacySupport
  • Embryonic stem cell researchUndecided

    The benefits possibly could outweigh the costs but I remain to be convinced.

  • Same sex couple adoptionSupport

    In saying this I do also strongly believe that a faith-based adoption agency which prefers to adopt to heterosexual couples should have the right to retain that preference.

  • Decriminalise euthanasiaOppose

    I am on record as saying I would support it to a Select Committee, but I would need to see some incredibly strong evidence to reverse my current opinion, which is against.

  • Decriminalise marijuanaSupport

    It would free up valuable police resources to tackle more serious crime, remove a lucrative industry from organised crime (particularly gangs) and potency can be regulated.

  • Ban on residential brothelsUndecided

    I don't like the idea but would assess any potential legislation on its merits.

  • Ban on street prostitutionOppose

    This policy would drive the industry back underground and make it more dangerous, with even worse consequences.

  • Criminalise buyer of prostitutionOppose

    The industry has been around for the entirety of human history and all attempts to eradicate it have proven useless. A more effective approach than just prohibition is needed. Resources to help prostitutes out of the industry is not a bad idea though.

  • Improve broadcasting standardsOppose

    I don't think the current standards are a problem. It is up to parents to monitor their children's viewing habits, not the government.

  • Prevent public nudityOppose

    Boobs on Bikes is an event in which the public is given plenty of notice. If you find it uncomfortable, vote with your feet and stay away. However, in saying that, it is certainly not acceptable to do a nudie down Lambton Quay at 5pm on a Friday evening.

  • G-rated billboard advertisingUndecided

    Depends on the legislation. If this were to effectively ban something like the Tui billboards, for example, I would oppose it.

  • Raising drinking ageOppose

    We have a binge drinking culture in this country. The major alcohol related problems come from people in their mid to late 20's, not the 18-20 bracket. It is also insulting to young New Zealanders to suggest they are responsible enough to be tried in court as an adult but not to buy a beer. The age isn't the problem, the culture is.

  • Child Abuse Commission of InquiryUndecided

    Don't know enough about the subject.

  • Liberalise Easter trading lawsSupport

    We live in a secular society, not a Christian theocracy. If someone wants to open during Easter, then they have the right to do so.

  • Reduced gamblingOppose

    Sinking lid is a ridiculous policy that does nothing to address problem gambling. It just creates an extra expense for Pubs and all the while, problem gamblers will still find a place to gamble.

  • Welfare Vouchers for At-RiskSupport

    If you are receiving taxpayer money, don't complain when you're told how to spend it. If you want to buy alcohol and cigarettes, use your own money like the rest of us.

  • Binding Citizens’ Initiated ReferendaOppose

    California. Enough said.


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