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Don Brash

Don Brash

Party: ACT
Electorate: North Shore

Voting History

60% Family First Rating

Candidate Survey

43% Family First Rating

  • Definition of marriageUndecided

    Marriage has traditionally meant a contractual relationship between a man and a woman. I can’t see the need for a bill to define it

  • Encourage marriageSupport

    Marriage is clearly the best environment to bring up children

  • Parental choice for educationSupport

    The ACT party has long supported parents being able to choose the school most suitable for their children and having the funding available from taxpayers “follow the child”

  • Income SplittingOppose

    Income splitting is mainly of benefit to a high-income earning person. ACT favours a flatter tax scale which would benefit everybody

  • Unborn child right to lifeUndecided

    I’m opposed to abortion being regarded as “just another form of contraception”. But I acknowledge there are some circumstances where abortion may be the lesser of two evils

  • Abstinence-based sex educationUndecided

    Yes, parents should be the primary provider of their child’s sex education, but in some situations that may mean children receive no sex education. In those situations, providing some sex education at school is desirable

  • SurrogacySupport
  • Embryonic stem cell researchUndecided

    I’m deeply troubled by this issue

  • Same sex couple adoptionSupport

    It’s better to be adopted by two loving people than to be aborted or to be brought up in an institution. I have seen a very successful adoption of an abandoned child by two women

  • Decriminalise euthanasiaSupport

    I support voluntary euthanasia

  • Decriminalise marijuanaUndecided

    I have long opposed the decriminalization of marijuana, but I have read the recent reports which argue persuasively that the current approach to drugs is simply not working

  • Ban on residential brothelsOppose

    In practice, it is very difficult to outlaw prostitution – and difficult even to detect it if conducted on a small scale

  • Ban on street prostitutionUndecided

    Prostitutes who offer their services on the street are often the most vulnerable women in our community, but forcing them off the street may make them even more vulnerable

  • Criminalise buyer of prostitutionRefuse To Say

    There are 2 quite different questions here. I do not support criminalizing the buyer because I’m told that a consequence of that would be to increase the risk to the woman involved. But I certainly do support providing resources and incentives to help prostitutes out of the industry

  • Prevent public nudityUndecided

    What is “offensive” has clearly changed markedly over the years, so I’m not sure that a legislative solution is the answer

  • Raising drinking ageOppose

    I am deeply concerned about the binge drinking culture which is prevalent in NZ, and am almost teetotal myself. But I’m not convinced that raising the drinking / purchasing age is the answer

  • Liberalise Easter trading lawsSupport

    For a substantial number of NZ’ers, Easter is no longer a religious festival

  • Regulation of loan sharksUndecided

    Nobody likes ‘loan sharks’ but unfortunately most attempts to cap interest rates result in people with a poor credit record being denied access to credit completely

  • Reduced gamblingSupport
  • Binding Citizens’ Initiated ReferendaUndecided

    I would support binding CIR but only with appropriate safeguards. Otherwise the risk is we get into a Californian situation, where referenda have supported more state spending but placed limits on tax revenue – with disastrous results


NOTE: The information presented on this website is based on the actual voting record on a number of family related issues of current politicians seeking re-election. and responses to a questionnaire on a number of family related issues sent to candidates in all electorates. It is not intended to endorse any particular candidate or party, and voters are encouraged to make informed decisions on the candidates’ and parties’ policies across many issues. This website offers a limited but nevertheless important perspective to each candidate and party in matters important to families.

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