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Conservative Party
Fa'avae Gagamoe

Fa'avae Gagamoe

Party: Conservative Party
Electorate: Māngere

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83% Family First Rating

  • Encourage marriageSupport

    I still have many questions to ask and much to consider re my spiritual and cultural stand etc...

  • Role and support of parentsSupport

    Govts provide support, resource and are enablers. Its the parents and the extended family (aiga) that have the primary responsibility of nurturing and rasing a child. I believe NZ has a lot to learn from its multicultural make up re the up bringing of our children. When it comes to education we need an educational system that accepts that one size does not fit all and that every child has the right to a quality educational experience, every day from the cradle to the grave. Education of our children is the responsibility of us all i.e Parents, Teachers, Extended Family. Good governments should enable this to happen.

  • CYF Complaints AuthoritySupport

    funding will be an issue, but im sure if we can find the funds to keep propping up plastic fibre boats and a RWC, then anything that will allow us to have the opportunityu to save the life of ONE child, is not money that is wasted. For me its about checks and balances, about our basic human rights, that everyone should be treated fairly and if they are not, then have the recourse to be able to address that. the danger is when it becomes a gravy train for the professional services that will participate in this process and to filter out the baseless and the trivial from the serious. But In general i think its a good idea that needs more research.

  • Income SplittingUndecided

    I dont know enough about this to make a comment, can I get back to you on this? I will definetly research this though.

  • Unborn child right to lifeSupport

    I used to automatically defaulted to Pro-Choice. Dont ask me why, but I it was just the way it was. I even went through the whole process. But it left an empty hole in my soul and my psyche. Long story short, I had a change in life, found myself wanting to know more and as I researched it , I felt a sense of sadness about my Pro-Choice stance. When I saw that little blip on the screen at the first ultrasound, I just cried. I am now Pro-Life, BUT I know there will be extraordinary circumstances where the question will be asked of us. I just hope that we will have answers that can allow us to keep that little heart beat alive to see the light of day.

  • Informed Consent for AbortionSupport

    ABSOLUTELY!!!In fact why stop there, after giving birth, I would like to see us provide a 5 day stay in a clinic, like the Birth Care in Parnell, where first time parents can get to learn about how to deal with a newborn child. It is vital.

  • Parental notificationSupport

    Parents need to know.

  • Abstinence-based sex educationSupport

    But educate the parents on how to do this and ensure the schools know what they can and cannot do. everyone must be on the same page.

  • SurrogacyUndecided

    I dont know enough about this as well, can I get back to you? please?

  • Embryonic stem cell researchUndecided

    I dont understand enough of this topic,but I will get back to you.

  • Same sex couple adoptionUndecided

    I only take this stance because there is a lot to be taken into account here from a pacific perspective.

  • Decriminalise euthanasiaUndecided

    There is much to be considered here. But, I lean towards doing all we can humanly do to keep someone alive.

  • Decriminalise marijuanaOppose

    to Don Brash I paraphrase the Great David Lange " I can smell the marijuana on your breath"BUT, seriously, what I will need to look at is the sentences that we as a society impose on the offenders. i.e Q : is imprisionment the right answer ?AND from a pacific perspective, research if there are truly medicinal and traditional healing properties in this plant.

  • Ban on residential brothelsSupport

    get them out of our residential areas.

  • Ban on street prostitutionSupport

    it s the scourge of the nation and our pacific sisters are big participants in this activity. :(

  • Criminalise buyer of prostitutionSupport

    I support providing resources and incentives to help both participants . But lets dig deeper to find out why? Is it the scarcity of Jobs? is it a sickness? we know that Prostitution has been around since the days of Noah and it will continue to manifest itself in any society as long as that society encourages self gratification, consumerism, greed, selfishness, cheap treatment of woman and children. Again I would need to ask Mangere, the Pacific Communities, but I get a strong sense I already know what the answer will be.

  • G-rated billboard advertisingSupport

    Including the ban on alcohol and smoking advertising especially from sports and community events.

  • Raising drinking ageSupport

    Dont stop there go further, get rid of any liqour outlets in residential areas. Put them to the back of a foodtown not at the front where the fruit and veges are. Dont glamourise it. Its a killer and its destroying our families and our society. Attack it with a vengeance.

  • Child Abuse Commission of InquirySupport

    Remember though the communities know the issues and they know the solutions, I would support that we allow the communities to get invovled in the whole process not just a panel of 'experts'. Because it'll probably confirm what we already know to be true. The answers are varied and mixed but the basic sentiment is we must value the life of all children in NZ. If we can save the life of one child, it is well worth the effort.

  • Reduced gamblingSupport

    take them out of residential areas.

  • Welfare Vouchers for At-RiskSupport

    I will support any effort for us to save the life of a child here in NZ.


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