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Conservative Party
Grace Haden

Grace Haden

Party: Conservative Party
Electorate: Maungakiekie

Voting History

N/A Family First Rating

Candidate Survey

83% Family First Rating

  • Encourage marriageSupport
  • CYF Complaints AuthoritySupport

    anything for transparency but we must ensure that the authority actually does its work and is not there to tick the boxes and support corrupt practices

  • Parental choice for educationSupport

    kids are not equal, they have different needs, parents should be able to provide for the needs of their children as long as the children are not being isolated and deprived of a proper education or abused .

  • Income SplittingSupport
  • Unborn child right to lifeUndecided

    there are situations in which abortion is appropriate especial in situations of rape , Birth has its own risks , the mother has the right to choose . Abortion in early term is nothing it is a different situation 3 months down the track . It should always be the mothers call.

  • Informed Consent for AbortionSupport

    yes and that Doctor should also advise of the mental and physical risks of carrying an unwanted child , giving birth and handing a child over.

  • Parental notificationSupport

    it is an offence for a child under 16 to have sex but we allow them to have abortions, that is a time where the child should not be asked to keep a secret from their mother they need support and understanding,, what mental issues are we creating, many grown women have issues with the emotional side of abortion. yet we ask children to go through it alone ! , all those who have illegal intercourse should be brought to justice

  • Abstinence-based sex educationSupport

    We are making kids grow up too fast , no one addresses the emotional side of sex , and young relationships which break up can lead to suicides. - our values are mixed, the F word on TV at 8.30 is a no no but lesbian kissing at 5.30 is OK.. why is sex getting so much publicity kids should be allowed to have a childhood.

  • SurrogacyUndecided

    under controlled conditions

  • Embryonic stem cell researchUndecided

    yes where it can enhance life and overcome illnesses and disability

  • Same sex couple adoptionOppose

    there are plenty of heterosexual couples who can provide the right mother father mix for children , if there was a surplus of children then this could be considered but we have to look at nature and nature provides a parent from each sex. there are always exceptions on either side. why would it require legislation when common sense could prevail.

  • Decriminalise euthanasiaUndecided

    we can put our dogs down and you can be prosecuted if you don't and an animal welfare inspector believes that you should have, yet we allow those without hope of recovery to suffer.. it is inhumane. People must not have less rights than animals.

  • Decriminalise marijuanaOppose

    we have too many issues with smoking already I would support the criminalizing of smoking.

  • Ban on residential brothelsSupport

    Run a business from your home and the council comes down on you like a ton of bricks , have a brothel open 24/7 and it is condoned. the Sex industry has no place in residential streets.

  • Criminalise buyer of prostitutionSupport

    Prostitution encourages women into slavery the income is an incentive for the unscrupulous to sell their wives sisters, daughters in to the industry especially when the wages are disproportionately higher than any other work

  • Improve broadcasting standardsSupport

    If I stand in the middle of the road and use the F word I get locked up yet my TV can FFFFF in my home and it is supposed to be OK? often thought what would happen if you put the TV in the public place. Advertisements are especially offenders when there is a saucy bit they wish to use to promote a program. I once complained of a woman exposing her genitals showing a piercing.. my complaint was declined - it was deemed acceptable.. couldn't believe it.

  • Prevent sexualisation of children in mediaSupport

    kids are allowed to be kids and nothing should be done to encourage pedophiles

  • Prevent public nuditySupport

    if not where do you draw the line?

  • Raising drinking ageSupport

    20 is great Kids can still drink at home under supervision .

  • Decriminalise smackingSupport

    What damage does a prosecution do to a family? no one has ever considered the fact that parents and children are pitted against each other in court and this goes on for months and months. Some kids need to know what a smack is, Parents need to know the difference between smacking and beating.

  • Reduced gamblingSupport
  • Binding Citizens’ Initiated ReferendaSupport

    I also seek an independent commission against corruption


NOTE: The information presented on this website is based on the actual voting record on a number of family related issues of current politicians seeking re-election. and responses to a questionnaire on a number of family related issues sent to candidates in all electorates. It is not intended to endorse any particular candidate or party, and voters are encouraged to make informed decisions on the candidates’ and parties’ policies across many issues. This website offers a limited but nevertheless important perspective to each candidate and party in matters important to families.

Every attempt has been made to accurately represent the voting record of MP’s and responses to our questionnaire. We welcome any documented corrections.

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