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Kimberley Hannah

Kimberley Hannah

Party: ACT
Electorate: Dunedin South

Voting History

N/A Family First Rating

Candidate Survey

7% Family First Rating

  • Definition of marriageOppose

    See below.

  • Encourage marriageOppose

    I believe that the state should issue civil partnerships and the issue of whether or not to get married in a religious ceremony be up to the couple. As such I think the church can decide that 'marriage' means whatever it wants, but the state should stay out of it.

  • Role and support of parentsUndecided

    Parents have the primary responsibility, but not all do a good job so the state definitely has a role to play.

  • Parental choice for educationSupport

    ACT supports parents having freedom of choice regarding their childrens' education.

  • Income SplittingOppose

    ACT supports a flat tax; as such this wouldn't be an issue.

  • Informed Consent for AbortionOppose

    I think it should be an option but not mandatory.

  • Parental notificationOppose

    Making parental notification compulsory would encourage kids who are too scared to tell their parents to seek backdoor abortions or 'home remedies', which are much more commonly used in countries with strict abortion laws, and tend to pose greater risks than medical intervention.

  • Abstinence-based sex educationOppose

    This has been an abject failure in the United States. STD and pregnancy rates increase among those who do not know how to use contraception, and some parents will never acknowledge the fact that their children plan may be sexually active outside of marriage. As such, the state has a responsibility to equip all teenagers with the proper tools to make informed decisions.

  • SurrogacySupport
  • Same sex couple adoptionSupport

    It constantly blows my mind that we live in a society where this is still questioned -- there is no good reason why straight couples should be able to adopt but gay couples should not. Why do we still discriminate based on sexual orientation?!

  • Decriminalise euthanasiaUndecided

    Would completely depend on the bill.

  • Decriminalise marijuanaSupport

    It's a major source of gang revenue, a waster of police resources, and a fairly minor issue for society in the scheme of things. Drug laws need a major review.

  • Criminalise buyer of prostitutionOppose

    The assumption that all members of the sex industry are unwilling on some level is an incorrect one. Anyone who wishes to work in the industry should be allowed to do so; preventing sexual exploitation of the financially vulnerable is a seperate issue and one not likely to be addressed by legislating against prostitution.

  • Prevent sexualisation of children in mediaUndecided

    This is a very vague question. I would like to see the specific proposals before I would make a decision.

  • Prevent public nudityOppose

    Not everyone finds "Boobs on Bikes" offensive -- to some it is a liberating movement. We shouldn't be legislating subjective moral standards.

  • G-rated billboard advertisingOppose

    Is Dan Carter in his underwear G-rated? If not, I wouldn't support such a bill.

  • Raising drinking ageOppose

    I'm only 19. Of course not. (In all seriousness though, alcohol is a systemic societal problem and putting a bandaid on a gaping head wound does little to help anything.)

  • Decriminalise smackingUndecided
  • Liberalise Easter trading lawsSupport

    They are archaic and should be reformed. If it is financially viable for businesses to be open, they ought to be allowed to be.

  • Reduced gamblingUndecided
  • Binding Citizens’ Initiated ReferendaOppose

    The subjectivity of a referendum (the phrasing of the question), low turnout numbers, and the fact that minorities are most likely to have high voting turnout skews results to the point that they aren't always going to be legitimate.


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