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Andrew Williams

Affordable Housing
Will you take the lead to amend zoning restrictions in order to free up land so as to lower costs of housing for first-home buyers?
There is an ongoing debate as to whether the Auckland Metropolitan Urban Limit should be extended to allow the further spread of the city north and south. If this were to happen it would have the possible effect of reducing average land prices, where currently all land is at a premium. If the MUL was to be extended it could also allow newer areas to be zoned for new affordable housing and first home buyers. Any such moves however would need to be a combined local and central government initiative to assist first home buyers. This would be something I would be prepared to give consideration to if it did not fall solely on the ratepayers.

Alcohol Outlets
Will you introduce bylaws and lobby for the restriction of alcohol outlets in residential areas and reduce the number of licences issued and trading hours
I certainly will seek much stricter controls on liquor outlets across the new Auckland City including limits on liquor licences per community especially in residential areas, restrictions on hours of operation, and restricted sales to youth e.g. no liquor sales from liquor stores to under 25 year olds after 10pm. 24 hour supermarkets should also not be allowed to sell alcohol to under 25 year olds between 10pm and 8am.

Will you introduce bylaws and lobby for G-rated public billboards with a pre-vetting system
I support regulation of public billboards to ensure that no offensive images are displayed and that billboards are suitable for general family viewing.

Will you introduce and lobby for bylaws restricting brothels in residential areas and close to sensitive sites such as schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and shopping areas frequented by families and children
Yes I support restrictions on locations for brothels. We have had bylaws in North Shore City to this effect i.e. no brothel can be within 250 metres of a residential area, school, kindergarten, church, or community place. As Mayor I moved swiftly, within days of it being brought to my attention, to have a brothel closed down that was in close proximity to a church... so I do "walk the talk."

Facilities for family events
Will you introduce a bylaw preventing the hireage and use of Council owned buildings and facilities for R-rated events?
Any R-rated events should not take place in publicly owned buildings owned/operated/controlled by the Council. The same as smoking is not permitted in public buildings.

GST on Rates
Will you campaign for parliament to remove GST on Rates?
Yes, I have always thought GST on rates is a tax on a tax and the Government should not charge councils/ratepayers GST. And if Government can't take off the GST, because they say it is too difficult, then they should refund the GST to councils to offset infrastructure costs of building the nation and in turn reducing the burden on ratepayers.

Loan Sharks
Will you lobby the government for greater regulation of loan sharks - especially those targeting lower socio-economic areas - including capped interest rates and registration
Most definitely. I am appalled by the reports of the activities of loan sharks and the resulting financial stress that needy people find themselves in from having dealt with some of these operators. The incredibly high compounding interest rates are crippling. I will lobby to have restrictions placed on the loan sharks and a tighter monitoring/registration system that they must comply with.

Will you introduce and lobby for a reducing lid policy on pokie machines, especially in low socio-economic areas
I support a sinking lid policy for gaming machines so that all communities in New Zealand meet an equal and acceptable ratio per head of population. Gaming locations should not be located near residential areas, schools, churches and community places.

Public nudity / marches
Will you lobby the government to clarify offensive behaviour under the Crimes Act in order to prevent parades involving nudity and/or offensive behaviour eg boobs on bikes, beach nudity
The Crimes Act needs to be reviewed to determine exactly what is offensive behaviour. At present it is too open to interpretation and the police are powerless to act.

Street Prostitution
Will you introduce and lobby for bylaws to ban street prostitution?
We should not have any street prostitution in this country. It is not acceptable for girls to be out on the street corners. It does not send a good message to families and young people and lowers the tone of communities. It is also very dangerous for the prostitutes, and we have witnessed so many assaults and deaths in recent years as a result. Prostitution should only be permitted in controlled situations such as brothels and licensed premises for the girls' own health and safety.
Maybe – and open to the idea
Not Sure – but open to the idea
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