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Alcohol OutletsWill you introduce bylaws and lobby for the restriction of alcohol outlets in residential areas and reduce the number of licences issued and trading hours

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Family First's Submission to the Law Commission on Alcohol

Goal is social stigma against alcohol abuse
Family First Media Release 27 April 2010

Drinking Age Should Be 21 - UK Expert
Family First Media Release 6 Aug 2010

Study links violence to number of liquor outlets
TVNZ News April 23, 2010

City's poor are 'drowning' in it
Manukau Courier 07 Sep 06
Many of south Auckland's poorest suburbs are "drowning" in too many liquor outlets, a Papatoetoe Community Board member says.

John Banks
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Len Brown
I strongly believe we need to reduce the harm liquor does in our community. My council has promoted legislation to allow communities more say about the location and number of liquor outlets in their area and we put in a very strong submission to the Law Commission's review of liquor laws. You only need to walk down Queen Street to see the harm that abuse of alcohol can cause. If I am elected mayor I intend to devolve responsibility for consenting and liquor control to the local boards because I believe communities should have a stronger say over this issue.
Andrew Williams
I certainly will seek much stricter controls on liquor outlets across the new Auckland City including limits on liquor licences per community especially in residential areas, restrictions on hours of operation, and restricted sales to youth e.g. no liquor sales from liquor stores to under 25 year olds after 10pm. 24 hour supermarkets should also not be allowed to sell alcohol to under 25 year olds between 10pm and 8am.
Colin Craig
I agree that abuse of alcohol is a problem. There are many costs to the community (monetary and social) that are a result of alcohol abuse. I consider initiatives to reduce abuse of alcohol very worthwhile. However I don't see the limitation of outlets as a total solution as there are other things including individual attitudes that are a big factor. I agree that community (in line with my "Keep it Local" policy) should have input.
Simon Prast
I agree that alcohol plays a major role in crime statisics and family violence and would be keen to explore all ideas that might lead to a reduction in these very saddening statistics.
Maybe – and open to the idea
Not Sure – but open to the idea
Not Sure

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