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BrothelsWill you introduce and lobby for bylaws restricting brothels in residential areas and close to sensitive sites such as schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and shopping areas frequented by families and children

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Change brothel rules - Family First
3 News 3 June 2010

School incensed brothel has opened across the road
NZ Herald Apr 27, 2010

Bylaw option to control brothels
NZ Herald 29 Apr 2010

Outrage over brothel at National MP's house
Herald on Sunday May 03, 2009
... Auckland Mayor John Banks, whose office received complaints from neighbours and from Labour's Phil Goff, said such brothels had become a "growth industry" that was expensive to monitor and police.

Brothel ordered out of school neighbourhood
NZ Herald Apr 27, 2009

Illegal brothels using high-end apartments
NZ Herald May 17, 2009

Fight to stop brothel from expanding
The Dominion Post 03 March 2009

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John Banks
No additional comment provided
Len Brown
  Not Sure
I have been following this issue in the media and am sympathetic to the concerns expressed. At Manukau City Council we adopted a brothels bylaw in 2004. The bylaw dictates that brothels are only allowed to be located within business zones 4-6, which effectively means that they can only be located on the periphery of town centres in the more industrial areas. Furthermore, our bylaw states that brothels cannot be located within 250 metres of an educational facility, community facility, or place of worship. I am strongly of the opinion that local communities should have a say on issues such as where brothels, liquor outlets, and gambling facilities are located. I believe that in the new Auckland Council local boards should have strong input into bylaws governing these types of activities.
Andrew Williams
Yes I support restrictions on locations for brothels. We have had bylaws in North Shore City to this effect i.e. no brothel can be within 250 metres of a residential area, school, kindergarten, church, or community place. As Mayor I moved swiftly, within days of it being brought to my attention, to have a brothel closed down that was in close proximity to a church... so I do "walk the talk."
Colin Craig
Yes I agree that the law does need tidying up in this respect. Already there have been too many local disputes where resources and time are being wasted arguing an issue that could be easily settled by law.
Simon Prast
I believe there are laws already in place to monitor brothels in the circumstances described.
Maybe – and open to the idea
Not Sure – but open to the idea
Not Sure

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