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Public nudity / marchesWill you lobby the government to clarify offensive behaviour under the Crimes Act in order to prevent parades involving nudity and/or offensive behaviour eg boobs on bikes, beach nudity

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Topless parade is destined to offend
NZ Herald Op-Ed 2007 Bob McCoskrie – National Director

Boobs event organiser: City won't stop parade
NZ Herald July 30, 2008

Political Leaders Failing to Protect Families from Porn
Family First Media Release 11 August 2010

Kapiti Coast beaches going nude?
The Dominion Post 15 September 2008

John Banks
Some of these matters have already been clarified by the courts e.g. boobs on bikes
Len Brown
I might not like the activities of some people, but again I do not believe it is the council's role to arbitrate on what is decent and I am very reticent to restrict freedom of expression, even if I disagree with it.
Andrew Williams
The Crimes Act needs to be reviewed to determine exactly what is offensive behaviour. At present it is too open to interpretation and the police are powerless to act.
Colin Craig
I agree that the term "offensive behaviour" needs clarification however I would seek feedback from voters before actively blocking a parade.
Simon Prast
I am satisfied with the current definition of offensive behaviour under the Crimes Act.
Maybe – and open to the idea
Not Sure – but open to the idea
Not Sure

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