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John Palino

Affordable Housing
Will you take the lead to amend zoning restrictions in order to free up land so as to lower costs of housing for first-home buyers?

I will ensure that the communities are consulted to understand where they are happy with growth. I will plan for a new CBD in Manukau which will not only build homes but add to new businesses and jobs as well as helping the communities in that area. It will be a green city, and allow people to work close to their home. Housing Accord is signed with the Central Government, Municipal Urban Limits issue is addressed for possible adjustment, mixed housing zones established with consensus, and that more homes are built to help put downward pressure on prices.

Alcohol Outlets
Will you take the leadership in reducing the hours of trading for both on- and off-licence premises, restrict the number of alcohol outlets in residential or school areas, and allow more community input as to the location, number and hours of alcohol outlets throughout the city?
And will you lobby government on behalf of the people of Auckland for evidence-based alcohol reforms at a national level that will augment local accessibility reforms; of particular note, reforms
involving alcohol pricing, the marketing of alcohol, purchase age of alcohol and drink-driving.

There are too many questions in this #2 question to answer with one response. But yes, I will take the lead in terms of adjusting the trading hours for alcohol premises, depending on what the communities want. Whilst I believe in leadership ultimately coming from Council, and under the direction of the mayor, I am all about giving more power and decisions to communities and their boards. Some communities are comfortable with the level of alcohol availability in shops and bars. Others have expressed real concerns in this regard. This calls for more than a blanket statement. Some communities have more schools around which to consider the placement of alcohol establishments. Local boards should be empowered to demonstrate that alcohol availability needs to be curtailed, and the Council should listen to them. They are the experts, and with their evidence the Council can proceed with consensus and the best course of action. Definitely, there should be dialogue with Central Government in relation to pricing, marketing, age, and drink-driving etc. (reforms). I would like to see the decisions based on evidence presented by communities and industry experts. If the evidence and the public support changes necessary in these regards then I will be the front voice for the people of Auckland.

Will you introduce bylaws and show leadership in regulating public billboards in Auckland so that they must be G-rated and only suitable for family viewing, with a pre-vetting system?

It would make sense to ensure that no offensive messages or advertising are erected, and that there be due process to determine their suitability before and after their posting.

Will you campaign for Parliament to pass legislation to enable you to introduce bylaws prohibiting brothels in residential areas and close to sensitive sites such as schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and shopping areas frequented by families and children – and will you lead the attempt to introduce those bylaws

I am unsure whether Council has the power to forcibly remove or relocate existing establishments that are located near sensitive or public sites. Perhaps if it is not possible, a by-law curtailing or limiting their advertising would be possible. This specific aspect of the issue requires much more discussion. I would be willing to support by-laws that would direct the establishment of new brothels in areas that are less public, or at least NOT next to areas heavily frequented by families with young children.

Convention Centre for Pokies Deal
Will you reject the Convention-Centre-for-Pokies deal brokered by the government and seek to build a Convention Centre which follows due process and does not require the mass influx of pokie machines?

The Convention Centre has been finalised between the Central Government and the current Council. However, I will pursue extra funding from Central Government to address any negative outcomes and effects that would result from gaming in the Centre. Furthermore, as I state in answer to the Pokies question, I would also work with Central Government to reduce the number of pokies in the outlying communities beginning with the communities that wish to remove them from their business establishments or implement a reducing lid.

Facilities for family events
Will you introduce a bylaw preventing the hireage and use of Council-owned buildings and facilities for R-rated events e.g. Erotica Expo

The Council cannot and should not discriminate against enterprises based on religion or morality issues if their business are regulated, operated within the confines of the law, carried out with discretion for the consumption of willing and consenting adult clientele and away from minors and the general public. In general, governments have no business in the bedrooms of New Zealanders when they are consenting adults. Although we do need to consider the location of some of these facilities and the possible connection with other facilities.

GST on Rates
Will you campaign for parliament to remove GST on Rates?
  Refused to Answer

Loan Sharks
Will you campaign for Parliament to introduce legislation requiring greater regulation and accountability of loan sharks including capped interest rates, registration, and controls on location?

This issue is largely the domain of the Central Government, because there is legislation for banking, lending, and collection of debts. I do not believe that anyone in the lending business should be charging interest beyond what the chartered banks charge, and anything beyond those rates should be reviewed and regulated by the Central Government. Therefore, I would at least support efforts for Parliament to introduce legislation in these regards.

Mega Brothel in heart of city
Will you lead opposition to the Chow brothers’ mega-brothel in the heart of Auckland city and seek ways to restrict brothels in the central city areas frequented by families

As I said in answer to the Brothels question, I support keeping brothels away from schools, daycares, playgrounds (sensitive areas). There are sensitive areas that in and around the CBD that fall in these categories. However, regarding the Chow brothers’s proposed establishment, it is situated in the CBD, the most appropriate location would be across where gaming or gambling is centralised and regulated.

Given that many of NZ’s gaming machines are within communities that are high on our deprivation and socio-economic scale, will you introduce and show leadership for a reducing lid policy on the number of pokie machines in local communities?

Similar to the issue of alcohol establishments and availability, the communities should take the lead with evidence to present Council. Every community will manage issues like this differently as they will be affected differently relative to one another. I will welcome a reducing lid on the number of pokie machines in the local communities that wish to implement such a reduction.

Public nudity / marches
Will you campaign for the government to clarify the meaning of offensive behaviour under the Crimes Act in order to prevent parades involving nudity and/or offensive behaviour to families? e.g. Boobs on Bikes, beach nudity bylaws

I do believe it should be clarified.

Street Prostitution
Will you campaign for parliament to pass legislation to enable you to introduce bylaws to make street prostitution and pimping illegal – and will you lead the attempt to introduce those bylaws

I would like to pass by-laws that would restrict street prostitution to assigned facilities

Maybe – and open to the idea
Not Sure – but open to the idea
Not Sure

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