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Alcohol Outlets Will you take the leadership in reducing the hours of trading for both on- and off-licence premises, restrict the number of alcohol outlets in residential or school areas, and allow more community input as to the location, number and hours of alcohol outlets throughout the city?
And will you lobby government on behalf of the people of Auckland for evidence-based alcohol reforms at a national level that will augment local accessibility reforms; of particular note, reforms
involving alcohol pricing, the marketing of alcohol, purchase age of alcohol and drink-driving.

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Family First's Submission to the Law Commission on Alcohol

Goal is social stigma against alcohol abuse
Family First Media Release 27 April 2010

Drinking Age Should Be 21 - UK Expert
Family First Media Release 6 Aug 2010

Study links violence to number of liquor outlets
TVNZ News April 23, 2010

City's poor are 'drowning' in it
Manukau Courier 07 Sep 06
Many of south Auckland's poorest suburbs are "drowning" in too many liquor outlets, a Papatoetoe Community Board member says.

Uesifili Unasa

I will support the efforts to do so.

Len Brown

As Mayor I have taken the lead in advocating for more community input into the number, location and opening hours of liquor outlets. We all know the proliferation of liquor outlets does a lot of harm. Now through Local Alcohol Plans, communities can have a much greater say over how liquor is served and consumed in their areas. I’ve also set up the Mayoral Taskforce on Inner City Safety to identify actions we can take alongside the Police to make our town centres safer places to be.

John Minto

A big YES to all of this. We would also give communities the power to decide how many and where local liquor outlets are – and would do the same for loan sharks, pokie machines and fast-food outlets.

John Palino

There are too many questions in this #2 question to answer with one response. But yes, I will take the lead in terms of adjusting the trading hours for alcohol premises, depending on what the communities want. Whilst I believe in leadership ultimately coming from Council, and under the direction of the mayor, I am all about giving more power and decisions to communities and their boards. Some communities are comfortable with the level of alcohol availability in shops and bars. Others have expressed real concerns in this regard. This calls for more than a blanket statement. Some communities have more schools around which to consider the placement of alcohol establishments. Local boards should be empowered to demonstrate that alcohol availability needs to be curtailed, and the Council should listen to them. They are the experts, and with their evidence the Council can proceed with consensus and the best course of action. Definitely, there should be dialogue with Central Government in relation to pricing, marketing, age, and drink-driving etc. (reforms). I would like to see the decisions based on evidence presented by communities and industry experts. If the evidence and the public support changes necessary in these regards then I will be the front voice for the people of Auckland.

Maybe – and open to the idea
Not Sure – but open to the idea
Not Sure

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