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Brothels Will you campaign for Parliament to pass legislation to enable you to introduce bylaws prohibiting brothels in residential areas and close to sensitive sites such as schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and shopping areas frequented by families and children – and will you lead the attempt to introduce those bylaws

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Change brothel rules - Family First
3 News 3 June 2010

School incensed brothel has opened across the road
NZ Herald Apr 27, 2010

Bylaw option to control brothels
NZ Herald 29 Apr 2010

Outrage over brothel at National MP's house
Herald on Sunday May 03, 2009
... Auckland Mayor John Banks, whose office received complaints from neighbours and from Labour's Phil Goff, said such brothels had become a "growth industry" that was expensive to monitor and police.

Brothel ordered out of school neighbourhood
NZ Herald Apr 27, 2009

Illegal brothels using high-end apartments
NZ Herald May 17, 2009

Fight to stop brothel from expanding
The Dominion Post 03 March 2009

And many more examples...

Uesifili Unasa

I will support the efforts to do so.

Len Brown

Auckland Council has endorsed a law change, first proposed Manukau City Council, that would allow better regulation of street prostitute and more protection for sex workers. Since prostitution was legalised by parliament, local authorities have worked to manage the industry within the law. Bylaws governing the sex industry are set to be reviewed in the next term. Until then, the current by-laws stay in effect. For example, in Manukau the bylaw dictates that brothels can only allowed be located within business zones 4-6, which effectively means that they can only be located on the periphery of town centres in the more industrial areas. Furthermore, Manukau’s bylaw states that brothels cannot be located within 250 metres of an educational facility, community facility, or place of worship. I am strongly of the opinion that local communities should have a say on issues such as where brothels, liquor outlets, and gambling facilities are located.

John Minto

I agree re sensitive areas and I’d be keen to work with groups such as the Prostitutes Collective to ensure the safety of sex workers. I do not support the demonization of sex workers as implied in some of these questions.

John Palino

I am unsure whether Council has the power to forcibly remove or relocate existing establishments that are located near sensitive or public sites. Perhaps if it is not possible, a by-law curtailing or limiting their advertising would be possible. This specific aspect of the issue requires much more discussion. I would be willing to support by-laws that would direct the establishment of new brothels in areas that are less public, or at least NOT next to areas heavily frequented by families with young children.

Maybe – and open to the idea
Not Sure – but open to the idea
Not Sure

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