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Loan Sharks Will you campaign for Parliament to introduce legislation requiring greater regulation and accountability of loan sharks including capped interest rates, registration, and controls on location?

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MP's Owe Protection to Families From Loan Sharks
Family First Media Release 21 July 2010

Govt chance to reel in loan sharks
NZ Herald May 31, 2010

Family First welcomes policies on loan sharks
Family First Media Release 30 October 2008

Uesifili Unasa

I will support the efforts to do so.

Len Brown

I supported the campaign to regulate and provide greater transparency for loan sharks. I’ve also written to the Prime Minister asking him to support legislation to restrict loan shark practices. It’s unfair that desperate people are tricked into financial hardship after signing up for unfair interest rates

John Minto

A huge YES to this – I was at the heart of campaigning to get tougher regulations under the last Labour government but Labour just didn’t want to know.

John Palino

This issue is largely the domain of the Central Government, because there is legislation for banking, lending, and collection of debts. I do not believe that anyone in the lending business should be charging interest beyond what the chartered banks charge, and anything beyond those rates should be reviewed and regulated by the Central Government. Therefore, I would at least support efforts for Parliament to introduce legislation in these regards.

Maybe – and open to the idea
Not Sure – but open to the idea
Not Sure

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