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Street Prostitution Will you campaign for parliament to pass legislation to enable you to introduce bylaws to make street prostitution and pimping illegal – and will you lead the attempt to introduce those bylaws

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Rise in underage prostitutes working Auckland streets
NZ Herald Jun 11, 2010

Teen prostitutes pimped out by gang members
NZ Herald 25 Jan 2008
Some of the teenage girls caught in a South Auckland underage prostitution operation this week were being pimped out by gang members who offered them accommodation and drugs in return for sex.

Manukau Council's bill to ban street prostitution defeated
NZ Herald 12 Oct 06

Community group squares of with street prostitutes
NZ Herald Apr 19, 2009
A Papatoetoe community group is fighting to get prostitutes off the area's streets.

Uesifili Unasa

Len Brown

Auckland Council has promoted a local bill to allow better regulation of street prostitution. This is especially important for areas like Hunter’s Corner in Papatoetoe and some parts of Manurewa. Street walking is not safe for the workers, and it results in unsafe town centres. We need better ways of regulating and controlling this activity.

John Minto

This would be a return to the earlier times when sex workers were much more vulnerable than they are now.

John Palino

I would like to pass by-laws that would restrict street prostitution to assigned facilities

Maybe – and open to the idea
Not Sure – but open to the idea
Not Sure

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